Exclusive Services

Cell Phone Rental Service

Unlimited domestic calls in Japan. No need to worry about local call charges!

Shipping fees waived for counter pickups

Our company has pickup counters in Sapporo, Tokyo, and Fukuoka. We can deliver the package to you, but you can also come and collect it directly.
If you collect the package directly from the counter, we will not charge you for any handling or shipping fees. We will also rent a cell phone to you for free.

Discounts for multiple device rental

We offer half price discounts on 2nd and subsequent device rentals, when all ordered together.
Contact us for terms and conditions on this discount offer.

For family, friend and group travel, we understand there are times when you may each be doing something slightly different. For those times, extra devices can be really handy, so we offer a half-price discount for additional devices when all rented together.

Peace of Mind Insurance Coverage

Covers malfunctions, loss, and water damage for ¥100 per day.
(Important: This option cannot be added after the rental contract has been processed.)

Fast same-day order dispatch to anywhere, nationwide

Quick Dispatch!
For delivery of last minute orders*
(*For orders completed before 2PM Japan Time Monday to Friday only, for next day/day after next day delivery)